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In our inaugural year of Happy Camper Fiber Retreat, we will  focus on COLOR!  The goal of all three classes is to help you, the spinner, incorporate more color into your spinning, to develop fearless skills in choosing the fibers, techniques, and hues you love and to get results that excite and thrill you.

The retreat fees include all three classes; you will have the opportunity to take a class with each of the instructors and increase your knowledge of color and how to play with it in different ways. We will break into groups and all participants will rotate through all of the classes.

Our class sizes are small which means more one on one time with instructors and a better opportunity to get to know the other people in your class.

Materials fees are included in the cost of the retreat. If you get really excited about what you learned in class, additional materials will be available for purchase at Saturday’s marketplace to take home with you to keep practicing!


DSC00678Dyeing Harmonious Color Combinations on Spinning Fiber – Rita Petteys

Are you looking for some techniques to make sure what you dye comes out light, fluffy, and spinnable? Do you want to know how to choose colors in your dyeing that will result in saturated, bright color combinations that will work well together in a variety of techniques?

Are you new to dyeing? Have you dyed on spinning fiber before but haven’t been as pleased with the results as you had hoped? Are you sometimes stymied picking colors, afraid that what you pick will result in mud? Or have you dyed fiber and the results weren’t what you wanted.

In this class, we will discuss:

  • Sure-fire techniques to help you hone your color choices for the results you want
  • Tips on dyeing fiber that will result in super-soft, spinnable fibers
  • Ways to lay out fiber for particular results, from gradation techniques, short repeats of fiber for fractal spinning and plying, and others
  • How to lay out colors in such a way to blend color, separate color into distinct areas, and how to prevent unwanted colors

Take aways from the class will be two 4-ounce braids that you have dyed, a handout about dyeing fibers, the possibility to take additional materials with you to experiment at home, and information that will flow into the two other classes at the retreat!

I look forward to meeting you and dyeing with you and hope that this class will fire up your creativity!

Please bring to class: rubber gloves, clothes to dye in – schlubby clothes or an apron


fiber on logColor Play: Stress-free Ways to Spin With Color – Variegated Tops and Rovings – Jillian Moreno

Are you ready to change the way you think about spinning with color?  Do you have fun when combining colors or is it just a mess of stress? Are you ready for spinning with color to be fun?

Do you have a collection of beautiful braids in colors you love, but haven’t cracked them open because you’re not sure how to spin them without bungling the colors?

In this class, we’ll throw out the color wheel and learn to work with dyed fiber in a bunch of stress-free ways.

You’ll spend the class spinning and knitting yarns from beautifully dyed variegated fibers.

You’ll explore several different ways to work with spinning variegated fibers into yarn you’ll love to knit with.

You’ll get tips on the how to work with different breeds and fiber blends when combining tops and rovings.

You’ll work with drafting, plies, marls and fractals, and spin and knit samples that you can refer to after class is over.

You’ll learn how to keep colors as they are, how to blend colors for depth and subtlety, and how to combine colors, all without breaking a sweat.

Most importantly, you’ll walk away from this class with more spinning confidence, knowing you don’t need a degree in art or even a color wheel to create beautiful, colorful yarn.

Please bring to class: a wheel in good working order, at least 3 bobbins, a lazy kate and a niddy noddy, knitting needles, paper tags

Please be able to: to spin a consistent yarn and know how to adjust your wheel


Blending the Color WheelHand Carding the Color Wheel – Beth Smith

It’s all about getting the perfect color. We can do that simply with a little fiber and a pair of hand cards. We will begin with just the primary colors and black and white. We will learn how to adjust and blend just the right amount of these colors to make a wide range of colors for your projects.

You will leave the class with more faith in your ability to use hand cards as well as a knowledge of how to blend colors consistently for even the largest of projects.

Students should bring a spinning wheel in good working order or a spindle, a pair of general purpose hand cards (72 up to 112 tpi) and a battery powered scale that can measure in 0.1 ounce quantities if you have one.

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