The Facts

For Happy Camper 2015, we are staying at the Red Oak Lodge at the Kettunen Center in Tustin, MI. Here is the Kettunen Center website description: “Each room has two double beds, a large private bathroom, telephone with data port, coffee maker and complimentary toiletries. There are 3 handicapped accessible rooms on each floor. There is also a lounge on each floor with a TV, seating area and mini-refrigerator, microwave and sink.”

red oak

Single Rooms are available at a small upcharge – see the sign up page for pricing.


Policies help us all be on the same page with the expectations of the retreat organizers and attendees.

Cancellation Policy:

If you have signed up and for some reason need to cancel, these are the refunds you can expect:

On or before Friday, June 12, 2015: Full refund  less $50 for administration

Between Saturday, June 13, 2015 and Friday, July 17, 2015: Your refund will be $225.

There will be no refunds given after Friday, July 17, 2015.

If you are unable to attend and can find someone to take your spot at the retreat, it is between you and that other person to negotiate the fees. You are required to let us know that you have found a replacement for you at the retreat. Your retreat replacement is required to contact us and fill out the required forms prior to the retreat commencement.

Other Information

We’re excited that you’re coming to Happy Camper Fiber Retreat, and want your stay to be as fun and enjoyable as possible. Here’s some information that will help you feel at home as soon as you get on site!


Please arrive between 3 p.m and 5 p.m. on Friday, August 14th. If you need special arrangements for arrival, please let us know. Check out the Ravelry forum for Happy Camper Retreat to help find other travelers who are looking for a ride share.


The Kettunen Center is fully accessible. According to their website: “Wheelchairs: Kettunen Center’s property is wheelchair accessible, including lodging, dining and meeting areas.”

 What to bring

Mid-August in Michigan can be very warm. Please bring clothes appropriate for summer, but don’t forget long pants and a sweater/sweat shirt in case the evenings are cooler. There is also a lake for swimming, so feel free to bring your swim suit. (Rita speaking here: I for sure will be taking a dip or two during our stay!)


On the classes page, you will see a list of items to bring for the classes, and we will also be emailing the retreat participants prior to the event with any last-minute reminders about things to bring.






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